I have a page where i wish to have my customers make a choice from three options each option then needs to take them to a different page for the next part of the sign-up process.

Any help would be great

thanks in Advance

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The radio buttons are part of a from that may contain other data that will be transmitted to the next step in the process (these are my assumptions), so something like this would give the reults you need:

<input type=radio name="somename" onClick="
form.action = 'destination URL 1';
"> Option 1
<input type=radio name="somename" onClick="
form.action = 'destination URL 2';
"> Option 2
<input type=radio name="somename" onClick="
form.action = 'destination URL 3';
"> Option 3

This will cause the Form Submit (by whatever method invoked) to direct the form contents to the appropriate action URL. Be sure they have selected one of the radio buttons. You may wish to have one preselected and the action directed to that one's URL. The URL should be either aa full http://.... path or the relative path .

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