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Thank you for posting to Daniweb! For future post in this forum and any forum, I recommend you create a title that succinctly describes your issue or question. "help!" doesn't do it. :)

But....here I am helping...so I guess it did work, eh?

Well, your question is really a lot of questions that depend on many variables. You posted in the PHP forum, so am I to assume you want to host PHP scripted web pages from your local workstation?

  • You will need a webserver. For example, IIS or Apache.
  • You will need PHP installed.
  • You will need your webserver configured for PHP.
  • You will need routing enabled to port 80 on your local workstation. This means you may need to configure your Windows Firewall or open ports on your DSL/CABLE/MODEL router or whatever is between you and the public Internet.

Each of the points above is a topic in itself. If you search around Daniweb and the Internet in general, you'll find answers to all of these. My WAMP HOWTO at www.troywolf.com/articles can help you get started.

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