Some of my coursemates for weeks have been unable to install apache,php and mysql manually so they ave resulted to use installers like Winlap,phpdev etc.We had an argument abt which way is da best
:to use installers or install manually?is they any advantages or disadvantages of using an installer?

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First of all, my WAMP HOWTO explains STEP BY STEP how to install Apache, MySQL, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Windows.

Installers are great until there is something you want to customize about the installation--which for most people is not an issue. The other "problem" with installers is that they may lag behind the latest code release and bug fixes--especially if maintaned by a third-party to the official source group.

You gain a greater understanding of something when you learn it the "hard" way. In the long run, you'll be farther ahead and more prepared to customize if you learn how to install from source.

By the way, I do my production serving with Linux--where I compile from source. On Windows, I choose the installer if available and not broken. My WAMP HOWTO uses an Apache Windows installer.

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