I started web application project for online licitation and I use asp.net4.0
Have problem in it’s creation.
Those are the conditions I have to realize:
-Administrator can add or delete biddings.
-Advertiser can add, review, modify and delete biddings.
-The user can search biddings, review and participate in them.
any user who access the application can take part in the auction.User must fill form of registration system for adding auction.

Could someone explain me how can I do that. By which controls, code, or some good idea?
or some useful tutorial's link
Thanks a lot

Depending how you plan to go about it, it seems like a simple matter of assigning different functionality based on different access and ownership permissions.

You're going to need a database table of some sort for general authority levels (Admin, user, advertiser). You're going to need another table in that database to keep track of listings and who owns which ones (advertisers) to allow them owner specific permissions (review, modify, delete) once added. This additional DB table could also track the bidding or you could have a 3rd table for this purpose.

Beyond that, the "how" is really dependent on the media... It would be somewhat pointless for me to start throwing c# ASP.Net script at you if you prefer to work in VB for example. And likewise pointless for me to throw MS SQL database structures and/or queries at you if you're going to use some other method to store the data.

Couldnt have said it better myself. Good post Lusiphur. It's all in the database(at least most of it)