Hi there, I have recently been looking into encryption, for MySQL and php, to figure out someway to encrypt the information in the database, or more to the point before it goes in, or decrypted when it comes out.

What I'd like to happen is for the info submitted from a form / request to be encrypted on the way in, then again when it is drawn out.

I have used MySQL escape real string as a means to stopping unauthorised queries but I want to go one step further and encrypt the info as well.

Any ideas on how to do this? Or where to look, what to look for? any help much appreciated

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Hi there, got told to just use ssl cert. instead of buying a ssl cert, made a self signed one through parralels plesk. Mcrypt was a bit too technical for me, but I will read up on it as it is what I would like to do.

Cheers pritaeas

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