We have chosen to create an project on e-shopping in ASP.NET

we have chosen front end as HTML & back end as Oracle
since we know something about both of this

We are using ASP for maintaining connectivity between database & project and pages, etc.

Is this good idea just need a reply?

Since we are new to ASP.NET we have taken this decision.
HTML & Oracle should be good for front end & back end respectively.

We are going to make an friendly UI, An attractive design & much more things...
Does it set our goal to different point.

Project have following goals

We also added TOKEN system for some extra difficulty
A user will get a single token for purchase of more than or above Rs.2000

Will this also a good idea to use??

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Well, using HTML for a web page is a bit of a no brainer, the database you use isn't very important either as long as you understand the differences between them.
ASP.net to build your server code is fine, no better or worse than anything else if you have no restrictions on hardware platforms.
So, in short, can you build your project from what you have selected, yes.

Yes, me & My partener will start porject as we get enough knowledge.

Our ASP.NET training will be started on 2nd April & we are allowed to do basics after 10th April.
We will start it after 10th April When we both met in college for starting project.

We are choosing size 800 x 600 is that good???

We have also think of 790 x 590 since it have only loss of 10 x 10 px & still we have enough space
we needed.

What is the good size can you suggest anything than this??

We have chosen basic catagories like Furniture, Appliances, Computers, Software & Games, Books &
Magazines, Cell phones & accesories, etc.

Is this ok to use that much catagories??

800 x 600 is limiting yourself these days, most users have a larger screen (at least 1024 x 768). You can actually check the percentages of users that use certain screen resolutions online. Currently 1% of users use 800x600, 13% use 1024x768 and the rest are higher (source: w3school)
The appropriate number of categories is going to depend on the products you want to list and how easy it would be for the user to locate the categories they want. For example, if you sell everything under the sun one category for Books is probably fine, if all you sell is books then you would need to break that down.

Thanks for this help now we are thinking about making a site that sell computer goods.
Such as Printers, Scanner, motherboard, RAM, Processor, Cables, Monitors, Keyboards, SOftwares, PC Games, etc.

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