Hi Friends,

I want to develop a website like file manager. Where user register and will get fix disk space lets say 20MB.
Now user can upload their pdf, doc, txt, jpeg etc files upto their disk limit.
I can develop upto this using PHP.

Now my issue is if user's files are corrupted they can rollback their folders before 2-3 days.
Files must be secure and safe from viruses as users are uploading their important documents.
I am also thinking to store user's files on 3rd party server.

Anybody have ideas or thoughts on this? Please share.
Is there any 3rd party storage server who provides such facility?


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You want to develop your own dropbox?

How many members do you expect? 20MB is pretty small by today's standards.
You may want to look at max filesize
Rollback should not be an issue - files should be stored as a alias anyway. Just be careful with this as you could get somebody uploading 20 versions of the same file every hour - then oops - your server is full. You may find that if an user uploads 2 versions of same file, your DB assigns the most recent as the 'active' and the previous version as the 'rollback'. Question is - do you store even more previous versions or do you use first in, first out - so the third version pushes the active version to the rollback role and the newly uploaded version now becomes the active one. The first file being killed.
There may be more robust ways of rolling back than keeping separate files, though.

A simple setup:

file_id | on_disk_name | display_name | owner | path | filetype | rollback_date | upload_date | filesize ...

You can use a cronjob to delete rollback files 2-3 days after their upload (rollback_date only set when duplicate name file uploaded)

Thanks diafol for your reply.
Dropbox is huge, i just want small file manager with minimum space allowed.

I understand your vesion logic for rollback. But as you said it will be too huge and heavy to maintain and store all users previous version's files.
Yes i can rollback using dataabse, but i am not sure if any server provides such functionallity that they will automatically takes backup at midnight. Are you aware?

Also security is main concern. I will give 777 permission to upload folder and i don't know if there may be any issue of virus or hackers attack. Will you personally suggest any protective secured hosting server.

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