I have strated this thread so that we can all share our favorites ide's for PHP

My personal favorites are :

Netbeans PHP

OK share your favorites and see who will win you can add any php editor you like mac linux android windows it dosen't matter
Let's have fun

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Bluefish was beautiful until it crapped up on my system. Now I can't reinstall it :(

Almost each editor has pros and cons , so there is no reason to start a pointless discussion of what is the best – the best has to do with who you are as programmer and who you want to be. But the question is what our favorite is, so I will give it a shot. My favorite is Eclipse for PHP Developers and especially the Helios series.

I usually use text editors like gedit, jEdit (which is cross-platform and my choice in Windows environments) and nano when working without a gui.

I used to be a big advocate of Eclipse and/or Zend Studio, but I've since switched to Sublime Text 2 and could not be happier. However, its more of a text editor than a traditional IDE.

Eclipse.... nice IDE which shows the variables used and functions from classes while typing...

I used to use CSE, but as that's windoze only, now I use Gedit, which isn't bad at all, once you've added the optional plugins package and the regular expression search plugin

@mschroeder that's a great suggestion!

i'm contented with only text editor, Notepad++

I wouldn't say it's a favorite, but I'm cheap, and the best free IDE I've used so far has been NetBeans.

For working on a few files or making quick edits, usually Notepad++ does just fine.

When I'm working on a project, Netbeans is definitely my choice. Especially if I'm working with a 3rd party utility, API, or framework, I really appreciate that it gives me the ability to view in-line documentation and look up those functions/methods/objects. It definitely shines in situations where I might find myself spending time digging through extensive documentation (the Drupal framework, for instance) that would otherwise require a back-and-forth between my editor and browser.

I've used Eclipse as well and think it's fairly equal to Netbeans, although for whatever reason I've tended to stick with Netbeans.

Thank you for all your replies and opinions on php ide's ,after seeing that each php ide is very good in a specific way or has good plugins I propose to tallk calssify them by usability perfomance and price.
Any feedback would be welcomed Thank you.

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Please stop resurrecting dead posts in order to market your IDE. Your last 4 posts have been similar - this is tantamount to spam. If you have anything constructive to add, please do so.

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