Guys i am trying to make an ASP web application for a small organization. They want is that barcode reads the information of the bill which means that whatever User have taken from a grocery store, barcode reads the

  1. Bill Number
  2. Amount
  3. Date
  4. Store Name
  5. Purchased from Credit Card / Debit Card / Cash

It does from a any cellphone (such as Apple, Android, Blackberry) application too.

It also creates it own column after fetching up the data from the bar code. So if user wants to create some changes they can make. Changes like Amount shown in the bill is $10 and total item cost is $8 then user can make changes; Also if any item is returned they can change the total amount from $10 to $ 5 for example.

This data can even saved in MS SQL server.

Is this possible? If yes can some guide me How can i make such application? and Where can i get some tutorials ?

I am trying in Java web application also in

Cellphone is connected to Web app via USB.