I am new to web designing and need some advise I don't know whats the best web desiging tool/software in the market. I have heard dreamweaver is good but its too complicated, is there any other tool that is good.

I am looking for something that is easy to learn..

Can anyone help me


Dreamweaver is your best bet, take a class on it, or use the tutorials. Dreamweaver mx 2004 is not that difficult, it just takes a little effort. Front page is okay, but I don't like it. Dreamweaver interfaces with their graphic editing software pretty well too.

The option is go with premade websites or templates. A lot of hosting places that use cpanel or something similiar will provide you with some blogging layouts standard. Usually you can edit these from those hosting sites too. If you are looking to sell something, try ebay or yahoo stores.

The best way to learn is to use a simple text editor, such as Notepad. This ensures that all the code you write is your own, and not a bloated set of proprietary tagsoup. There are many free alternatives to Notepad that have useful additional features such as code highlighing, regexp, user styles, etc. I use Notepad2. Once you have grasped the concepts you can then move onto a GUI development tool if required, and you will then be able to customise the installation to suit your coding requirements.