I am currently writing my thesis about IT technologies etc. etc. and I have one chapter where i compare REST and SOAP, but I can not find how and when (i mean some king of events in the past) REST started (mainly in Web) to replace SOAP as technology of web services.

I would like to show you a graph in Google Insights for Search Tool :

Google Insights for Search

As you can see in 2008 there was some king of intersection number of keywords searche for rest api and soap api. So, i would like to rely on some sources (of coures I do not have them) or events/facts why this intersection may occured... event in the recent past.

Do you get my point of view ? I know that could be quite unique approach to the topic, but i would like to explain of this soap and rest swap.

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Interesting. I think the rise in REST occured with the success of mobile devices. I do not have any sources though. As for REST replacing SOAP, I don't think it is true. Yes, it is very popular, but if you need secure services, SOAP is still much more reliable than REST.

Yes i know that SOAP services are much more secure because of WS-* standards.
I was searching for some information related with REST and mobile devices but i did not find any useful information... but thanks for reply ;)

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