I just installed on my development box the WAMP EasyPHP 12.0 which includesPHP 5.4.4 VC9 | PHP 5.3.14 VC9 | PHP 5.2.17 Apache 2.4.2 VC9 + MySQL 5.5.25a + PhpMyAdmin 3.5.1 + Xdebug 2.2.0.

The problem: Old PHP pages are parsed by Apache and load correctly. However, any new pages created in the same directory as the old PHP pages are not parsed and only raw code is displayed. This is true even for a simple page like <?php echo 'Hello, World';?>

I could understand that if no .php files were parsed I would look for a problem with in the directory settings in the /httpd.conf. But I'm mystified why new pages are being ignored.

Any ideas? Thanks very much,

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I finally figured it out after hours of checking permissions, apache & php config files. I'm embarrassed to say it was something very simple. I somehow set my text editor to save as UTF-16 instead of UTF-8. Resaving the unparsed files as UTF-8 fixed the problem.

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