how to upload photos with its description and when you clicked the photos it will appear the photos together its description that can be edited by an administrator in php code

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To interact with the database, you'll need to use PHP, of course. Try having a look at lightbox or similar photo viewer.

For uploading, there are 3 basic steps

  1. Make your form to carry data like pictures and files to other page by <enc-type=multipart/formdata>
  2. Check what you are getting when you post the form
  3. Move the file to your respective directory by move_uploaded_file()

I suggest you to make the directories by mkdir() function and then move the file to that directory and store the name or path in the db

While viewing, you have to use some lighbox or many jquery image sliders are available over the internet

                      <p><a href="hcorregidor.php" target="_blank" ><img style="WIDTH: 149px; HEIGHT: 131px" height="90" alt="194" hspace="0" src="boracay1.jpeg" width="259" border="0" ></a></p>
                      <p align="center"><strong>Boracay</strong></p>

     <td width="600">

                <p align="center"> </p>
                <p align="center">  <font size="3"><font color="#0000ff"> <strong><font size=4>HISTORIC CORREGIDOR ISLAND TOUR</font></strong></font></font></p>

                <p align="center"><marquee behavior="alternate" 
                style="WIDTH: 347px; HEIGHT: 226px">

     <div align="center"><img height="226" hspace=0 src="coregidor.jpeg" width=223 border=0></div> 

         <p class="tourname" align="center"><br></font></strong><br 
                ><font size="3">Incl landtransfer Manila hotel - pier - Manila 
                hotel, roundtrip ferry, buffet lunch, Malinta Tunnel Light-Sound 
                Show, guided tramvia tour, entrance & <br 
                >terminal fee.<br></font></p></font>

                <p><font size="3"><font >If 2 pax Php 3,400<br>If 1 pax Php 4,200</font> 

                <p><font size="3"><font >Located 25 miles West of 
                Manila, Corregidor Island served as one of the most vital harbor 
                defense of Manila during the war. Points of interest included are 
                the various gun batteries, Mile Long Barracks, Pacific War Memorial, 
                and the Malinta Tunnel where you experience a Light- and Sounds 
                Show. From Manila, guests will board a 150-seater ferryboat, which 
                will bring them to the island in one hour. Upon arrival, visitors 
                will board to the pre-war type streetcars called "tramvias" touring 
                around the island fortress incl. guide</font> 


<!--<heres the code i made it's static it can't edited by the admin if possible dynamic please help me...
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