Hi all,

I just want to know if there any asp code can make auto redirect from one page to another page when the session timeout end ?

Any solution for this problem ?

I need a solution ASAP, so help me please.

Thank You.

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Easy mode: do the following in Web.config

      timeout="60" />

and follow this blog which is talking about how to redirect to another page when session timeout elapsed. HERE

You can use property of your web.config:

<forms name="YourAuthNameIs" 
       protection="All" path="/" 

When the expiration occurs they will be sent to the page that loginUrl is set to.


Session is store a unique idetification of user on server.

hi dear
<% response.redirect[“myNewURL”] %>
use this code under the Seesion expire code.

'Start the session and store information
Session("TimeVisited") = Time() 
Response.Write("You visited this site at: " & Session("TimeVisited"))

Dim mySessionID
mySessionID = Session.SessionID

Session.Timeout = 240
Response.Write("The timeout is: " & Session.Timeout)
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