Hi evry1,

I am currently doing an assignment on a video streaming website where I need to register users, log them in and out, upload videos, stream them, comment on them, etc

Everything works out fine just tat after some seconds my session gets killed automatically or should I say tat any1 who is logged gets logged out.

It works like this:
- I have a master page which changes dynamically depending if and who logs in
- When som1 logs in his username and accountype is retrieved from the database and stored in separate session variables
- These variables are used throughout the whole applicationto dynamically verify tat sm1 is logged in and maintain the state of the menus, background picture and all of tat particular user

Normally I know that IIS normally maintains a session active for 20min and I've also tried to increase that time in my web.config file but to no avail. Any1 who logs in is automatically logged out after some time.

I've noticed however that while the user remains active on the website, meaning he changes page every now and then (in terms of seconds) he remains active. But if he remains inactive (say more than 10seconds) or is viewing a video or making an upload he gets logged out automatically.

I can't figure out why. And it is very important for this session variables to remain active as for almost every action made by a user these variables are used.

Any help would be the most welcomed

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