Over the last few weeks I've been getting e-mails to my e-mail address, not spam, and the subject matter is blank. Usually, I avoid things like this, but being a tech for 15 yrs., my curiosity got the best of me, because I new these people.When I opened the e-mails, each had no written info from sender..just a link !
The link's have a "foreign" country code in them, and php or js or both are in the link. I never click on these links. Next day I get an e-mail from AOL, telling me there is suspicious activity on my account. I ran AVG antivirus, and MalwareBytes...nothing !Are these countrys trying to put spyware, malware, worms, on my p.c., so they can take control of it. It stopped after I changed my password, but today I got 2 e-mails on my optimum acct., a phony from "Chase Online banking", and "Bank of America", telling me to clink on link below, and update my acct., before they suspend it...both went to abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Can these php and java script links be used for the purposes I mentioned..
Thanks All

Hey there,

Possibly. PHP doesn't (that I know of) gain access to your computer without you being on a server, it is server-side and therefore needs to be on a server. You would therefore have to specifically download something and then run the application. Most of the links that you will be recieiving will be "Phishing" and some maybe able to access your COOKIES but that's about it. Just make sure you have a good anti-virus and firewall blocking them! Hope this helps :)

Most (if not all) email systems will ignore PHP (it has no meaning to the mail protocol), and JavaScript, as far as I know, will not transfer over through email. You would have to click links and go to pages and interact with the malicious page. It sounds like you may have gotten phished (as above) and put your password in on a site that looked like a legitimate site. It's happened to the best of us.

It's just some hacker on another computer... don't worry about it...
Normally major companies would customize their emails and they display their links :)