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I am currently setting up a cookie message to tell users of the site that cookies are being used (EU cookie law)

I have managed to get this working on all desktop browsers, however I am having issues with mobile device ie iPhone, iPad, Galaxy tab etc

I am using the following to set the cookie once the accept button has been pressed.


To detect if a cookie is set I am using

if(!isset($_COOKIE["acceptCookies"])) {
    echo('show cookie message');

Is anyone able to see if I have missed something so it works on mobile devices, I have checked the device and cookies are set to be accepted on the devices.


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Try to get this cookie variable using **JavaScript** and say what the results.
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seems to work for me.


if(!isset($_COOKIE["acceptCookies"])) {
    echo('show cookie message');
        echo $_COOKIE['acceptCookies'];

Try your mobile to - 'blacknun.diafol.org/cookie.php' . Worked perfectly on my HTC.

I'll be deleting this shortly - so post back once you've tried it.

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