hey guys, finally have some time to think about a personnal project.

i want to create a stock screener, with some cross checks on data like oscillator, MACD, volume and moving average.

my 1st step was to look around and see if they're was any finance API out there that would make my life easier.

i have found this hidden API from Google: http://www.google.com/ig/api?stock=AAPL which return an XML that i can parse. So far it was great, but the API seems to be stuck on the DOW. i tried to get some data from the TSE, DAX and the FTSE with different combinaison like Google use it. example: ../api?stock=TSE:TV but, nop doesn't work

i found the company that does the coding for TSE http://www.quotemedia.com/ which also offers snippets and some kind of data acces, but i just need the raw data, not the neat graphics and ... i'm stuck on the TSE.

i really like the Google API, but im affraid it gonna go in october 2012, plus i'm stuck on the US market.

any suggestions on APIs ?

i didn't look into yahoo API yet, any good ?


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Huh! Google APIs - I wouldn't trust that shower ... Long story short - they remove apps from time to time - just as you get to grips with an API and the site is nearing production - ZAP! I'm not saying it's gonna happen with Stock, but I will never use them again. 4 times bitten, 8 times shy!


thx, the reuters APIs looks very complete, they even have the analytic tools integrated, i wouldn't have to program the oscillators and so on.

but, it's a personnal project and i'm not ready to pay 200$ some per month to get access to that API, well... not just yet, i'll keep the link in my pocket for future use.

thx for the inputs guys

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