hey...i need help with magento...with a travel booking engine integration
i have got the directory structure figured in magento.

There is this static block where i need the booking form to be put up, then i need to create page where the results are to displayed...

i jus dont how to start with it,i need to create the module completely
do i create a widget or simple form which make calls to the booking engine in the static block. How do I go about with it?? I am totally confused. I have created the basic config files in the app/etc/module & the code/local/BookingEnging/HotelBooking/etc folders

I just need a head start with it. I a noob in magento.

what i have done currently is created a widget form with respective fields to book hotel rooms. now on submit >> a page should open with respective results of the availability of hotel rooms. I am stuck here ...can someone help me ??

I think maybe it could be an extension for magento. this way some of the extensions needed are already there.

We are working on a booking website of journeys with Magento
We look for an extension for reservation of journeys, the registration of the passengers and the prices in function:
- Of depart
- Date of depart
- identity of the passengers (distinction child / adults)
- Options all inclusiv ( yes/no )
Thank you in advance if somebody has a solution