hello dani community. i am looking to get my fashion ecommerce website made in Magento and for that reason i wanna know what features magento is offering me by default and what features i need to ask my developers to built into my website (i have all my requirements documented).

so i want to humbly request you to guide me through the process of installing magento in windows 8. i am trying to install it for the past 2 days but to no avail. (links to video guide to installation would be best ya know)

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aarti ji, i have tried this whole process before, i am doing something wrong thats why i am not getting it installed in my laptop. thats why i am looking to get some video guide. but thanks so much for your reply, ALLAH bless you

For as far as I can remember (but I'm not sure), installing Magento goes roughly like this (when using XAMPP).

  1. Download XAMPP.
  2. Install XAMPP.
  3. Put the contents of your Magento folder inside a folder (which you will have to newly create) in your [drive letter]:\xampp\htdocs directory.
  4. Start XAMPP and start Apache and MySQL.
  5. Open your internet browser and go to http://localhost/[magento_folder_name]
  6. Follow instructions on screen.

A video I found if the above doesn't work (haven't seen the video, but I think it explains how to install Magento): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjnoAQrhGSs

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