Hi to Everyone,

my problem is, I have a Web.sitemap and I want to use a link more than once, but unfortunatelly it gives me an error.
here's what I'm planning to do.


  <siteMapNode url="~/mentor/DiscussionBoard.aspx" title="Discussion Board"  description="" >

    <siteMapNode url="~/mentor/GeneralDiscussion.aspx" title="General Discussion"  description="">
        <siteMapNode url="~/mentor/ViewDiscussion.aspx" title="Topic"  description="" />

    <siteMapNode url="~/mentor/CourseActivities-Assignments.aspx" title="Activities and Assignments" >  
       <siteMapNode url="~/mentor/ViewDiscussion.aspx" title="Topic"  description="" />

    <siteMapNode url="~/mentor/Technical-Issues.aspx" title="Technical Issues"  description="" >
       <siteMapNode url="~/mentor/ViewDiscussion.aspx" title="Topic"  description="" />


As you can see in my example I've been using ViewDiscussion.aspx more than once.

Please help me to achive this.

I've been googling for 2days now and all I can find is that they just add a # or a querystring to the page so that
it will become different from the other.

And if someone here knows how to change the NodeTitle on PageLoad Event please teach me.

Thanks in advance

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