Hey Guys, I've been away from Dev for a while, just getting back into it now and not sure if there are many Kentico genius' throughout Daniweb ... but I am a bit stuck and need a wee bit of much appreciated help if you can, many thanks

I am fairly new to Kentico and I am not 100% sure how to prevent a product option from displaying on the frontend website, but keeping it enabled in the backend so the system admins can still place orders using the option.

For example

CMSDesk > Tools > Ecommerce > Product Options > Edit an option which has child options

Eg, there are three child options, two of which I want displayed to the user on the website, but only one of them I want to hide from the end user and ONLY allow the Administrator to have access to the option...

Has anyone ever had the need for this feature before? If so, how did you accomplish it?



Wouldn't the Kentico forum be a better choice for such a question?