When you create your own personal web page, in addition to his own web design capacity, you should also check out the 24 things you need to know who was ahead recast in order to make your website attractive, attract more people to see.

Website design
Creating a template uniform design for the Web and how all the colors, fonts, layout according to a certain pattern. should be the introduction of on the Web page. should have the copyright at the bottom of each Web page. How to design Web pages open less than 10. Use common name for the title of the page: Home About Us, HELP, Contact... and avoid using words that others have to think or trendy ... Should do a link to the main topics on the Web page, if your Web page is quite long. should make the path from Home to the secondary site, this path should be on the secondary site to be able to move pages, thiet ke website and other items easier. For example: Home> Section> Sub-Section> Page.

Layout and placement of content sites
Important content on the Web site should be placed above the other, less important content. Use Table Web design because it helps to locate and make the content clutter. Creating contrast in the Web page. For example, black text on white background or white text on a black background ... Do not use a variety of fonts and font sizes on the same Web page. should check the display of Web pages in different Web browsers and at different resolutions.

Contents Site
Use easy-to-understand terms so that everyone can read. Unless you Web design for a certain field of science and technology, the new user expertise. If the page is too long, cut it up into smaller pages, and create links between them. No use font sizes smaller than 10pt and best set as a percentage instead of pixels, the reader can change the font size on their browser. Learn viewer Set a counter page back and put it in the page About us. Doing a notification of news updates in the Home Page. should ask questions to probe the feedback information for you. Links create annotations for links to help readers know page needed. should use a single color for all the links. When not only to the html page that links to a document, such as Word, Excel, PDF, etc. then you should create the icon next to the link. Do not create a link to a page under construction. use images on websites optimization of images on the Web page in the direction of smaller and should be used only image format . jpg,. gif. Use the thumbnails for the big picture, while ensuring that it can zoom in if you want.

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