Hi I am a student at university on my placement year, but a friend's boss has asked if I would be able to design their website for them. I know how to design a website i've experience designing a website using Dreamweaver in high school, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP in university and on placement I use ASP.NET and SQL. Just looking some basic advice as I've never created a website for a company. So for webhosting would I need to sort that out or does the company? Who would decide what programs and languages are being used? Would I save all the database information on my own laptop or an external harddrive for the company? Then I'd have to let the company know what programs I'm using so they can install them themselves. Also I have no idea how much you would charge for web design.

Any advice on this would be great because this is a great opportunity for me and I could use this web site as my final year project maybe.

Thanks in advance.

Also I have no idea how much you would charge for web design

ifferent developers handle this client relationships differently. that comes with experience.

It really depends on you. How do you want to structure your business? How do you plan on offering services? You may want to partner with a few providers and resell their services. Or you may just want to do web development and turn over the product to the company and let their IT consultant peform the integration. Or you may want to manage this completely where they pay you for the overall maintenance and ongoing changes.

If this is just a one time thing, provide the company options. If you plan on opening a business and doing this long term, I'd suggest you build a business model and stick with it if you want to remain as efficient is possible. Trying to make every customer happy is going to drive you crazy when you have to manage each individual client in a unique manner. That's just my advice...

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