i want to do something exactly like this in ASP.net ,
i am working on online reqruitment website, developing it for customer
so i want to put a part like one mentioned in below link

and chk the attached image to check that i am talking about .

So there are two main components here that I see. First, this a tab control that must be using Javascript to allow you to switch tabs without refreshing the page. Therer's quite a bit of examples on line on how to do that.

the second is that within each tab, you can use an ASP.NET control, such as a datalist control that you can pull data from a data source such as a database to populate the results.

So, you would have multiple datalist controls in each tab, each pulling data from your DB. Then the javascript code will show and hide tabs according to which tab you click on.

Ajax would allow you to change and populate the tab each time without refreshing the whole page so it could work for you.

@G Waddell: ok i am gonna use RAD TabStrip but it need to be purchased. How could i download it for FREE ?

As far as I know RAD controls are not free. However, I've used DevExpress before. While most of their controls are not free either, they do have about 30 free asp.net controls that you can use, including a tab strip control.

Note: I am not promoting their site, their controls, and I have no affiliation with them. I am only providing you this link so you can take a look. I've used some of their controls in the past.


I have no idea how you would get it for free... I generally code my own stuff