i stored few ads details in sql database & made connection between my asp.net website and sql database , now i want to update my page automatically with ads after every few days,

mean if i have 50 ads details in my DB and i only show 10 ads per page, now i want my page to be updated automatically after few days to show next 10 ads.

how ?

So if you want to rotate ads based on a metric such as number of times displayed on a page view, there of course various ways to go about this...

One thought based on your description is that you are grouping ads so the ads can belong to a group. If you plan on showing the same group of ads until you reach the threashold, you would need to have a table in your database that tracks the number of times this "ad group" is shown. You would do so by have a sub routine in your code that simply increments a "view" number in this table. From the same page, you check to see what that number is before showing the ads. Based on that answer, you show the next group of ads.

Whether you want to do this by group or track them individually, I think the concept would be the same. Every time you show an ad, you increment the number in this dedicated table. When the ad reaches a threshold, show the next ad. When that reaches the threshold, so the next, so an and so forth.