Hello ,
I've created an asp.net web page , and it worked except when i flip the page rtl it gave me a large space to the left only when the elements in the page are wider than the page default width , how can i solve this , i thought the problem is in the elements so i created an empty website with only a table with width 2700px and a gave it a border when its ltr there's no problem but when i flip it the problem shows ! how can i solve it because i really need to flip the webpage :(

I found out whats wrong, my browser was IE7 and i used IE8 and chrome and it didn't show that extra large space so i think the error was in the browser not in the website :)

You could try jpageflip, booklet etc. There are numerous similar libraries available in net.There are a number of jQuery libraries that will provide you with the flip effect.
To use jPageFlip, images of one group must be put inside a div container that is annotated with an id, e.g. id="myPageFlip". All images must belong to the class "jPageFlip", i.e. class="jPageFlip".

i.e. class="jPageFlip".

   <div> id="myPageFlip">
     <img src="images/clearpage.gif" class="jPageFlip">
     <img src="images/bild01.jpg" class="jPageFlip">
     <img src="images/bild02.jpg" class="jPageFlip">
     <img src="images/bild10.jpg" class="jPageFlip">

The plugin is activated the following way:

   <script type="text/javascript">
         width: "imageWidth",
         height: "imageHeight",
         // other parameters