I have a drop down menu that when the user selects from it brings up a panel that will have two buttons, an arrow up and an arrow down. This is so the user can record against the option chosen how many times it has been done. I need code that will only display the down arrow if the number of times recorded for that option is 1 or more. Im thinking it should be an if statement such as:

if(lblRecords.Text == "None")
                        Decrement.Visible = false;
                         Decrement.Visible = true;

However the code isn't working properly. Any ideas how to fix this.

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yes ofcourese visible. You have to try.

I have tried and it's not working. Thats why I was asking if my code is wrong or what else I need to change/ add in.

I am assuming that lblRecords is a label control? Have you stepped through your code to figure out what the value is when you run through the conditional statement?

Based on your description and the code you provided, it's challenging to help you.

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