Hi there, new to DaniWeb.

I have an idea for a website, im sure many of you have heard "that" one before...but still gotta start somewhere!

The website idea is based like Horse Racing, but with a slight twist, instead of horses racing, have the actual users images be it their faces or their fav celeb etc race across the screen, and who ever reaches the finish line first wins.

That is the basics. But I would like to know if say I could draw the whole website on paper would someone be able to transfer it to a digital copy?! Obviously gambling laws and liscences will be needed which I can obtain but without the website built that is obviously pointless.

I am just wondering if anyone can provide some input to the website and then maybe look upon starting a development team to build the website and obviously if it kicks off we could all potentially earn a profit.

Things I would need to know:

Costs of setting up a server to support capacity of users, be it starting with low capacity and expanding once more users join? Not sure how that really works...

Allowing users to purchase an "online bankroll" which they can use to bet on their races?

The process of the winner of the race receiving the "bet pot" of money back into their online bankroll?

How to code the race for people to see themselves getting closer to the finishing line. Using code to determin who finished where in a race. Allowing a race to hold a certain amount of users per race?

Just generally about how to go about starting this up...

I have many other ideas for to support this website which im leaving out for now as they will need to wait untill the main structure of the website is possible.

Sorry if I have offending any ones morals with the idea of a gambling website. But I dont want to have this website like a casino, just instead a more fair way of gambling, like the lottery.

Thx for your read =)

From Spack101

I think mod can move this thread to "Business Exchange" category.

Spack you may get better response there

Actually, since the questions are of a more technical nature and concerning the development of a web site, I don't think Business Exchange is an appropriate location. This location is probably fine.