Hi Folks - back on DaniWeb after a long time. I used to be an active developer a few years back - now I am leading a team that needs some help. So here goes:

We need to create a dynamic menu - (dynamic in the sense that the values are fetched from the database) and apply HTML / CSS / jQuery styles to these menu 'items'. There is a UI designer in the team who has been able to make the designs for a HTML list i.e. the ul, li tags - however, the developers are fetching the menu items as a list of RadioButtons. How can I get the UI designer and the developers to work out the desired feature - the desired feature being a dynamic menu with styles applied to it.

The implementation is flexible from the .NET perspective i.e. the components need not be RadioButtons specifically. However the designer is only able to 'style' the ul, li HTML tags.

When the asp.net renders, it renders at HTML as you are probably aware. So, your designer team only has to worry about styling the expected elements. If they know what the ID of the asp.net controls are ahead of time, they can prepare the CSS on their side.