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I am having a domain with name domainname.com, and its working fine. i have create a sub domain named cds.domainname.com and i have upload some set of asp.net files. when i was trying to access cds.domainname.com it is showing the domainname.com web content.

Can any one please help me to resolve the issue.

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Did you create a different website in IIS for the subdomain? If so, you also have to configure the host headers so that the web server knows which web site to server based on the host name in the URL.


Yes, i have created a folder called cds in my domainname.com and it was point to cds.domainname.com


When i use to access the URL as like

domainname.com/cds am able to view the html page but i am unable to access my aspx file


So you have only one website then? I assume that what you want is for when a URL comes in as cds.domainname.com you want the following location to be accessed: domainname.com/cds?

If so, you need to create a redirection then on that one website. there are several options. Or, you need to create a secondary website that is listing for that hostname, then it redirects to the first website at that absolute path.

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