I'd like to create something like this: http://www.million-monkeys.com/tvcyo/

I'd love to use Google docs, but I wouldn't mind plugging it all in by hand. I've done so before when I used this site: http://jquery-datatables-column-filter.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/index.html to create a searchable database.

I'm just wondering, however, how would I go about doing that with filter settings like the first site I mentioned. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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I suppose you are using a DataBase to store the records, right?
So, if you table is normalized (one table for each type of record) you can make a select from each table that you want to use as a filter to populate the dropdowns. Then, if a dropdown is selected, you use that value in a WHERE clause.

If you table is not normalized (I.E. the Court name is wrote in the Game table, instead of having a Court table) you need to make a select distinct for each column that you want touse as a filter. Then the WHERE clause is the same as the first case.

Wow, sounds easy enough. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Just so you know, you could do it all in the UI with JS, but I particularly don't like this because you'd be retrieving all the records from the DataBase, transfering all to the browser and then processing all the data in the UI. If it was few records, there is no problem, but if you're working with lots of records the performance would be very poor.

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