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I am planning to develop an event website. Registrant rate depends on their type i .e. member or non member. I am little confused about its logic to identify members and nonmebers. initially I was thinking about email/domain name to identify but when I saw current data it will not work as some member company's are very small so they have email@net or even gmail.. another point I was thinking about company name but I dont want non member to play gamble with member company name and get member rate...

I would appriciate if anyone could help me with this .. any help is highly appriciately
Thanks in advance...

ps. dear admin , I am developing this website in asp.net so I thought I've to post this question in asp.net section ..apologies if I am wrong please feel free to move this post into the appropriate section

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It is critical that you develop the business process prior to developing the website application.

I would tend to think, based on your description that a user would register on the site and indicate whether they are a member or non-member. There must be some work-flow from that point to validate what the user has choosen as the option. Alternatively, you would have to assign the user a member or non-member information that they would use in the registration page.

Without really knowing any other details of this business, it is difficult to provide you with ideas on how to develop this process.

JogrgeM ,
I understand your concern... currently we are using market solution but it seems to have limited ability to customize for our requirement. by using this solution I am literraly checking each and every registration during peak time... whcih is annoying for me .... that's why I am thinking to have own solution

about membership- company is member and company's employee can register for various events so a person can receive member or non member rate depends on his/her company type (member/non member company type ).. now the person might not aware if company is member or not ?

even if I give them membership number there is possibility that a if employeee left that company joins some non member company then again register using membership id and so on...issues are non ending ... sO i want to put some locks beforehand..

any suggestion?
thanks in advance

So I think this is a process problem rather than a technology limitation. Before there was IT, business and processes existed. I think you need to clearly define a repeatable process that is efficient, then apply an IT solution to incorporate automation and other more efficient controls.

If you are reviewing these registrations and it painful, there is something wrong with the process. Is this a unique process? Anyone else doing this type of business? I don't know enough about what you are doing to help you design an IT solution.

Maybe it's as simple as having one rate and providing discounts if the person has been given the member ID. You may not be able to control users that leave a member unless you put additional controls with regard to membership? Maybe those controls would cause a negative impact so having those few instances where a person takes the member number is not that big of a deal.

yes Process is bit complicated rather than technical aspects.. I dont think so anyone has got similar process.. as the process is not clear we cant just pick one ready CRM solution which is available in the market.. we have picked one.. and I am suffering .. I want to customize it so that it will run smoothly in long run..and that's why I am asking if anyone has any points.. just incase if anyone want to help me ..

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