Hai I have written a code for a hyperlink and now I need to redirect this page to another page,how can I do that?

                HtmlAnchor htmlanchor = new HtmlAnchor();
                htmlanchor.HRef = "#";
                htmlanchor.InnerText = myLabel1.Text;

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I don't understand. Do you mean point the hyperlink to another page? Just assign the .href properly the value of the URL.

If you mean redirecting, user the response.redirect method.


Not sure what you really want to do but you could just create a link using asp.net like you are doing except have the link created in javascript code....like

htmlanchor.InnerText = "<a href='javascript:window.location.href(" & chr(34) & "http://www.google.com" & chr(34) & ")'>" & myLabel1.Text & "</a>";

that should create a link that forces the current page to google.com.

Hope that helps,

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