Hi guys,

I am attempting to build a asp.net page that will allow users to upload multiple photos, view them in a gallery and remove them if necessary.


Photo Upload Part >> Users will be able to select multiple images of varying types (png, gif,jpg) from any location on there machine, mobile device or flash drive. Those images must be stored on an external server but renamed before transfer to this server. The new image paths will be housed in a sql database.

Image View >> To view those images on the external server the users must specify a code, once the code is correct the system will grab all the image paths and display the images in a gallery format where users can scroll through the images and double click to see an image larger if necessary

Image Removal>> The top left of every image will have a checkbox to allow the users the felexibility of selecting a image . There will be a removal button that will collect all the selected images and delete there entires from the database as well as delete the actual image from the external location.

I don't know if this can be done in asp.net however if you have any suggestions on how i can accomplish this it would be nice.

awaiting your feedback