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If you do a Google search (other search engines are available), for 'Free Website Hosting' you shall find a large number.
What you won't find is a combination between free hosting and a free domain, this is because it costs to setup a domain, so what you shall get instead is something like the following:


Where you can customise the XYZ bit. It will contain adverts to cover the costs of the server as well, second disadvantage of free hosting.
Otherwise you will need to pay, about £5 for the domain per year and £10 per month for the hosting.

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hi everyone i need website for free to create a domain name and hosting server to upload my project

You can use sites like webs.com to make your own free website .But they provide only subdomain for free. The name of your site will be like yoursitename.webs.com .If you need site name like Yoursitename.com then you need to register the domain name for some cost. You can get a free .com domain name if you buy hosting service from TheWebPole.com .


You can find a number of websites that provides free web hosting (just search on Google), but you need to purchase a domain name whcih you can eaily get at a cheaper price at $5 to $10. After that, you can easily upload your projects on your website.

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