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I think what you are asking is how to setup an Active Directory domain. the short answer is to run DCPROMO from a command prompt. however, there are some additional steps you need to take before you implement a domain.

Is this your only server? Is there an existing domain? Or do you just have a workgroup setup at this time?

I have quite a bit of tutorials on Windows Server 2008 you can refer to. In addition, if this is a for a small office network, refer to this guide for some guidance on the IP design and services configuration.

Designing Active Directory for a SOHO Network.

You are going to need to post a lot more information about your network to get the proper guidance.

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yah the DCPROMO IS nw prompted a box.....and i checked the create a new domain in an existing forest....and also checked the ....create a new domain tree root intead of new child domain ...i hope am correct...


that depends. When you run DCPROMO, you are ...

1) Setting up the first domain controller (DC) in a new forest/domain - Run this option when this is the first DC

2) Create a new child domain in an existing Forest - this option is used when you already have a forest and root domain set up and you need a new instance of a domain within the same forest as a child or new tree. Too many details to conver in this post/thread.

3) Add a new DC to an existing domain-- this is a common option when you already have a domain setup and you simply need to add another DC to this domain.

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