I need in a project to be multi language.Can we show the html result or website content in other language from english with the help of google translat api.and how to use it in project.

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i dont know if you can translate a whole page through the api. probably u will need to translate word by word or sentense by sentense. Also you will need to pay for the api.
You can add the google translate widget which is free.

google translate api is a paid api.

try using the DRUPAL language package. it consists of languages you want.

Yeah you can translate the whole page through api and google translate api is a paid api. I have tryed using drupal package but i cant get words accurate.

can we use drupal language package on simple php website?

i need to insert text in database in english language with text editor and then want to show it in either in english or arabic.is it possible with small effort?

there is no language pack or package to use in php for translation .i have searched on google.

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