I want to learn html and other webprograming .so how can improve my self in this arena?

Buy a book on HTML and work through it? Rinse and repeat for other "web programming" topics.

As others have said, nothing beats a good book which you can carry with you, and flick through.

If you want to go digital however, I would recommend 'TheNewBoston' Youtube tutorial series, he has many and they are very good for the beginner.


Equally, he has a nice set on PHP, MySQL and JavaScript which you can use to expand your knowledge further!

Good luck!

Yes, I would agree as well. While there are quite a bit of online resources, the best approach is to get a few good books on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and work through the tutorials. HTML markup is fairly easy to learn. Start with a book that covers HTML5. Most of those books also provide a brief history of HTML. You dont have to learn earlier versions before learning HTML5.

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