How to create pdf report in php easily ?

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php2pdf is one of the basic programming structure of PHP to pdf.

because of this php2pdf. I concluded my self that it was the HTML, not PHP, to pass down and convert it to pdf. but since dynamic comptuing is needed and want to convert it to pdf, PHP is needed for database retrieval at mathematical computation. But again, it was NOT PHP which is needed by PDF to be converted, thus PDF needs the information from HTML.

This may help you i think, i found it in my files i dont use it and i dont know from where i have this script.

You need to download also this, i think.

//include files

// create new PDF document

//add some content using class methods

//Close and output PDF document
$pdf->Output('filename.pdf', 'I');

i dont know if it works but you can try. :)

i think you should use fpdf for creating pdf through php. you have to just add files of fpdf and you can get that from their official site i think this will be the easiest way to create pdf from php.

Having done some fairly complex pdf generation online, I would recommend tcpdf as having the best feature set. It takes a bit of getting used to but some features (write html direct to the document) can save a lot of time.
I found the best way to learn is from the 60+ examples included.

I,ve use quilhasoft/jasperPHP ( and in my option, it is a better pure PHP solution to generate reports in PDF, reports can be edit in jasperSoft Studio and just put a jrxml file into php server

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