Hey guys,

got this weird error. I have 3 divs. Each with different forms in. Div 1 and Div 2 work fine, they sit next to each other no errors. But div 3 doesn't exist apparently. I'm unsure of where it has moved or why it's deleted.

Picture: http://puu.sh/3yDRM.png

As you can see there is only 2 colums. Not a third.


<div id="window" style="width:300px; border:solid 1px; float:left;">
    <div id="title_bar" style="background: #FFAE00; height: 25px; width: 100%;"> Add User
    <div id="box" style="background: #DFDFDF;">
"<form method=\"post\" action=\"adduser_ac.php\">" .
<span class=\"small\"></span>
</label> <input type=\"text\" name=\"Employer\" /><br /><br>" .
"<label>Learning Provider
</label> <input type=\"text\" name=\"LearningProvider\" /><br>" .
"<label>Contracted Provider
</label> <input type=\"text\" name=\"ContractedProvider\" /><br>" .
"<label>Learning Delivery Site:
</label>  <input type=\"text\" name=\"LearningDeliverySite\" /><br>" .
"<label style=\"display: inline-block\">Vacancy Description:
</label> <textarea rows=\"5\" Cols=\"22\" name=\"VacancyDescription\" style=\"display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;\"/> </textarea><br>" .
"<label>Vacancy Title:
</label> <input type=\"text\" name=\"VacancyTitle\" /><br>" .
"<label>Employer Description:
</label> <textarea rows=\"5\" Cols=\"22\" name=\"EmployerDescription\" style=\"display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;\"/></textarea><br>" .
"<label>Vacancy Location:
</label> <input type=\"text\" name=\"VacancyLocation\" /><br>" .
"<label> Working Week Hours:
</label> <input type=\"number\" name=\"WorkingWeek\" /><br>" .
"<label>Weekly Wage:
</label> <input type=\"text\" name=\"WeeklyWage\" /><br>" .
</label> <input type=\"text\" name=\"NoVacancies\" /><br>" .
"<label>Reference Number:
</label> <input type=\"text\" name=\"VacancyRefNumber\" /><br>" .
"<label>Closing Application Date:
</label> <input type=\"date\" name=\"ClosingDateForApplications\" /><br>" .
"<label>Interview Start Date:
</label> <input type=\"date\" name=\"InterviewBeginFrom\" /><br>" .
"<label>Possible Start Date:
</label> <input type=\"date\" name=\"PossibleStartDate\" /><br>" .
"<label>Training to be provided:
</label> <textarea rows=\"5\" Cols=\"22\" name=\"TrainingToBeProvided\" style=\"display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;\"/></textarea><br>" .
"<label>Learning Provider Desc:
</label> <textarea rows=\"5\" Cols=\"22\" name=\"LearningProviderDescription\" style=\"display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;\"/></textarea><br>" .
"<label>Contact Details:
</label> <textarea rows=\"5\" Cols=\"22\" name=\"ContactDetails\" style=\"display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;\"/> </textarea><br>" .
"<label>Vacancy Type:
</label> <input type=\"text\" name=\"VacancyType\" /><br>" .
"<label>Apprenticeship Framework:
</label> <input type=\"text\" name=\"ApprenticeshipFramework\" /><br>" .
"<label>Skills Required:
</label> <textarea rows=\"5\" Cols=\"22\" name=\"SkillsRequired\" style=\"display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;\"/></textarea><br>" .
"<label>Personal Qualities:
</label> <textarea rows=\"5\" Cols=\"22\" name=\"PersonalQualities\" style=\"display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;\"/></textarea><br>" .
"<label>Other Information:
</label> <textarea rows=\"5\" Cols=\"22\" name=\"ImportantOtherInformation\" style=\"display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;\"/></textarea><br>" .
"<input type=\"text\" name=\"Website\" /><br>" .
"<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Add Vacancy\" name=\"\" />";

<!-- SECOND -->

<div id="window" style="margin-left: 10px; width:300px; border:solid 1px; float:left;">
    <div id="title_bar" style="background: #FFAE00; height: 25px; width: 100%;"> Delete User
    <div id="box" style="background: #DFDFDF;">
    <span class="warning">Warning: Once deleted it is gone forever</span>
    <form method="post" action="deleteuser_ac.php">
    <select name='ID'>
            $con= mysqli_connect("localhost", "","", "") or die();
            $sql="SELECT ID,Employer FROM details";
            $result =mysqli_query($con,$sql);
            while ($data=mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)){
      <option value ="<?php echo $data['ID'] ?>"><?php echo $data['Employer'] ?></option>
         <?php } ?>
            <input type="submit" value="Delete User" name='submit'></p> 

<!-- THIRD -->

<div id="window" style="margin-left: 10px; width:300px; border:solid 1px; float:right;">
    <div id="title_bar" style="background: #FFAE00; height: 25px; width: 100%;"> Update User
    <div id="box" style="background: #DFDFDF;">
<h2>Update Select</h2>
    <form method="post" action="Update.php">
    <select name='ID'>
            $sql_update="SELECT ID,Employer FROM details";
            $result =mysqli_query($con,$sql_update);
                //$employer_id = $_POST['ID'];
            while ($data=mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)){
      <option value ="<?php echo $data['ID'] ?>"><?php echo $data['Employer'] ?></option>
         <?php } ?>
            <input type="submit" value="Update User" name='submit'></p> 

While this won't answer your question, I thought I should bring it to your awareness...

echo "\t<option value=\" $data['ID'] \"> $data['Employer'] </option>\r\n";

Is totally valid, and you don't have to end php to produce HTML.
I say this because I feel that it would improve the readability of your code.

At any rate, why don't you check out the page in FireBug or something?

P.S. You </div> four times during <!-- SECOND --> while it is open only twice. I have no idea what it is nested in, but it could certainly matter.

Not really sure how to use Firebug in this scenario. Using Firebug does confirm it doesn't exist.

I have 2 window div tags not 3

I'm talking about line 84.

You should review the validity of your HTML. While it might not solve the issue in this case, it often helps ruling out other items. Try using http://validator.w3.org. Some errors I see of the bat:

A) Your TEXTAREA tags are self-terminating, yet are followed up with a closing tag. Textareas should not self-terminate. Line 18:

<textarea rows=\"5\" Cols=\"22\" name=\"VacancyDescription\" style=\"display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;\"/> </textarea>

PHP would print this out as

<textarea rows="5" Cols="22" name="VacancyDescription" style="display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;"/> </textarea>
                                                                                                       ^ Note this slash. That's a problem.

B) You should not have more than one occurrence of an id on a page. If the value needs to be used more than once, you should be using a class. So instead of id="window", id="title_bar", or id="box", use class="window", class="title_bar", class="box". Do the same for any other such examples.

C) As mentioned above, in <!-- SECOND --> you open DIVs on lines 63 and 66, but on lines 83 and 84 there are a total of four closing </div> tags. This probably ends up closing 2 container divs, which would throw off your whole layout.

Just a note. For debugging something like this it's also useful to see the container DIVs and their CSS, considering your usage of widths, borders, margins and floats for layout.

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I've found the issue is the php within the last 2 windows.

Glad it's fixed, though I can't spot the error. Anything simple to explain?

Please marked solved if you're all done.

I pretty much wasn't connecting the database properly leaving some errors to throw the rest of the page. Solved.

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