How do you describe a reliable and good cloud hosting?

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How do you describe a reliable and good cloud hosting?


I don't want to recommend any products. But cloud hosting is a bit expensive.

What are you trying to do meaning what is your website business?

There is other options depending what you are doing. Unless you have a lot money to spend on that.

I am providing financial assistance from my website. Cloud hosting is surely a bit expensive, but I have been hosting my site at RepriseHosting and I am getting an excellent support from them. I checked them out lately and found that they have some new reduced plans, as low as savings at school days.

I would surely like to recommend people about their uninterrupted services 24*7

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So, you ask a question about cloud hosting - then reply saying cloud hosting is too expensive but you have 'found' a great company with great deals. Shame you try and act as just a customer when, in fact, it's a bit more than that isn't it? Otherwise, why would you have the link in your signature and, even more tellingly, why would you post lenghty adverts for the same company (and written from the perspective of the company, not a customer) in the web hosting deals forum?

Seriosuly, I suggest you read the rules and then cease and desist before you get the one more spam infraction it will take to ban your account for three meonths. This kind of bait and reply thread is not exactly new, you know...