Hi I have an XML file that is storing numerous books and their details, I then have a PHP page that is to search the XML list by Author. This I can do but I was wondering how I can style the page for when the search button has been clicked. I would like to return all the books in the xml file that matches the authors name in a table, is this possible to do and is CSS or XSL what I would use?

Thanks in advance

By the sound of it... you seem to know the answer...

Yes. Use an HTML table.

Use CSS to style it.

If you really want to do something off the wall wonky, you can use DIVs and all the other HTML dohickeys and make it look all pretty....

Maybe ask something a little more specific so we can help a little more?

ryantroop is absolutly correct. PHP does support writing in HTML inside its pages. So with this combination PHP & HTML, you would load tags and values from the XML file (with PHP), and you can decide how to display the loaded value on the screen (with HTML). Since XML file contains a pattern of tags repeated for every subject (in your case: for every book), you can display the result fetched from the XML using <table> tag in HTML. This tag is pretty easy to use, and you can style it with CSS for a better look.