Hello I was hoping someone would be kind enough to assist me with a major problem I'm having with firefox. I'm running a Mac OS X 10.5.8 platform from a Macbook Pro and was using a very old version of the web browser firefox - version 3.6.23 to be exact - Some of you may be wondering why I was using such an ancient version - seemingly asking for trouble - but it was so that I could use an add on that is no-longer available on later versions of firefox which I needed when I do Graphic Design projects.

In any case this evening I was trying to find a movie online and installed something horrid onto my mac. Now when I open firefox I receive the following irritating pop-up message '[JavaScript Application] Error:Security Manager vetoed action' which simply wont go away. I have tried uninstalling firefox and reinstalling with a slightly later version (baring in mind I can't run the very latest version of firefox due to the macbook being old) I'm really scratching my head as to fix this problem and would be grateful for any pointers in the right direction. Are there alternative web browsers I could use instead? Thanks.

JavaScript and Java are not related. perhaps this link is more suited for your question.

Ah thank you, could this post be moved to the above link by someone please? Unfortunately I've not found a solution to the problem yet.

This is not a javascript question neither, but...

Yo will need to uninstall the recent installation of firefox and reinstall your original version (Firefox 3.6.23), which as it seems can still be found on the web and with a little luck, easily be downloaded from here,so...

Good luck!

Hello Troy, thanks I will give that a go but I think I already tried this in the past. I shall report back if it works.

Hi great news I appear to have fixed the problem with your suggestion. I deleted the firefox application and also the folders in my finder and reinstalled the old version. Thanks very much.

Than, problem solved.
You should have also maked the thread as such.