Hello !
i'm working in dreamweaver , and i have 2 lines :

echo "OK";

Dreamweaver produce an error in second line.
if i change the first line to $part="..\fl1" everything is ok.
what is the problem with the \ character at the end ?
thank you.

Take a look at this reference documentation: http://php.net/manual/en/language.types.string.php

If the string is enclosed in double-quotes, PHP will interpret escape sequences for special characters such as... \" This gets interpretted as a double quote.

Try this instead..

echo "OK";
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This looks like a directory reference, can't you use forward slashes instead?...

echo "OK";

This looks like a directory reference

duh!! i completely missed that..you are probably correct.

thank you !
But i want to use \ at the end and not /

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i need a string that ends with \ , is not a path.
Is possible to have in php ?
Thank you.

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It's not a path? OK, then do as Jorge suggests - double up your backslash

Out of interest - if it's not a path, what is it?