hello i am using asp.net

                Label2.Text = "https://maps.google.mu/maps?ie=UTF-8&q=Super+U&fb=1&gl=mu&hq=super+u&hnear=0x217dab7739bd6edb:0xb470aaccbadadf71,Grand+Baie&cid=0,0,9595546268857988711&ei=v52LUsfpGofKrAfq84CAAg&ved=0CKwBEPwSMA8"

            End While
            Response.Redirect("http://localhost:9333/ozeki?action=sendMessage&login=admin&password=abc123&recepient=" + num + "&messageData=" + "Address :=" + "%20" + Label1.Text + Label2.Text)

            i have to send message to ozeki virtual phone everything is working fine but there is one problem. 
            when label2 display the message on ozeki virtual phone it only display "https://maps.google.mu/maps?ie=UTF it dont display the special characters. 

            any one can help me with this code

Is this happening only on a certain set if clients? Sounds like this may be a URL length problem. How many characters total in the URL?

if you remove the "&" , "+" sign it will display the full url. its not about the total characters in the url. it doesn't not accept the & and + sign. any solution