Is there good way to generate reports in php(Free software which can customize tables easy).I've used dompdf, but when table is big every thing gets mess up.


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Not really, I'm assuming you mean html tables

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Not really, I'm assuming you mean html tables

When you say "gets messed up", is it because the page size isn't big enough to accommodate the size of the table? You might try changing the size of the paper size for the PDF file. It shows information about this option on

Thanks for the reply.Table(html) is generating dynamically.So number of rows depends on the user.Is there any way to move the entire row when table exceeds the page height.In my case only some cells of the row move to the next page.


Are you looking for Pagination? Pagination is where basically if the number of rows exceeds X (for instance 30) only 30 rows will be displayed, with a link below to view the next 30 rows, and so on. Similar to how threads in this forum work.

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