I have created a asp.net web application for running a video in an external video player (ffplay). I have given the path of the .exe file. My application is working fine in VS2012. But im not able to host it in IIS.

Process ffplay = new Process(); //creating process for ffplay 
string mpg = "C:\\Users\\Public\\Videos\\Sample Videos\\Wildlife.wmv"; 
string arg = "-x 700 -y 500 -autoexit \"" + mpg + "\""; 
ffplay.StartInfo.Arguments = argu; 
string fl = @"C:/FFmpeg/bin/ffplay.exe"; 
ffplay.StartInfo.FileName = fl; 

Steps I followd to host:
1)Copied my application in C:\inetpub\wwwroot
2)Right-click on my application in IISMgr ---> Convert to application

Please help me with the steps to host the application.Its very urgent.

Is there any error message that you see?

Is there any error message that you see?

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