I was created a asp.net 4.0 web applcation with sql server 2012. In this application more than 300 users can request their leave, Permission to their Team leaders. Team Leaders respond their requests. And i installed a windows service that will calculate the attendance of 300 users. I installed the web application into local IIS (Intranet). The problem is i'm really don't know what is the suitable hardware requirements for that. Can any one suggest me!
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For a web application that will service 300 users, you really do not need anything over and beyond what the operating system will require for hardware.

Any modern CPU that supports with the appropriate memory and storage will be fine. Of course, for the best experience, a fast processor, an x64 compatible OS, plenty of RAM and fast hard drives will be best.

The point is that 300 users for a web service should not be a concerns.

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