Please find the details in Link. I an Trying To Create A sope Api The Details Are Mentioned In The LInk Below Please Help Me to Do It

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Share your code here, instead of on google drive.

The integration layer between FieldEZ and the client application is over HTTP/HTTPS. All the APIs take input in key value pair style (not in REST style) and responds to the client in XML format. Authentication is through exchange of a login id/password combination maintained in FieldEZ as well as in customer application.

Response XML – 

        <fieldez api=”saveTicket”>
        <reponseCode>response code</ reponseCode>
        <reponseMessage>response message</ reponseMessage>
        <validationErrors> (optional)
    <validationError>message</validationError> (multiple occurrence possible)     
    </ validationErrors>

Hear Is the Sample Doc Form Clint

1. Sample XML for create/update of ticket
<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <attribute name="callId">test-100</attribute>
        <attribute name="customerName">XYZ</attribute>
        <attribute name="contactPerson">ghh</attribute>
        <attribute name="customerLastName">qwe</attribute>
        <attribute name="address">no 5, Koramangala</attribute>
        <attribute name="landmark">Raheja Towers</attribute>
        <attribute name="city">Bangalore</attribute>
        <attribute name="state">Karnataka</attribute>
        <attribute name="PIN">560001</attribute>
        <attribute name="homePhone">12354</attribute>
        <attribute name="mobilePhone">68769</attribute>
        <attribute name="contactPersonMobile">5879</attribute>
        <attribute name="sourcePhone">657657</attribute>
        <attribute name="workLocation">Koramangala</attribute>
        <attribute name="dealerName">Toshiba</attribute>
        <attribute name="customerEmail"></attribute>
        <attribute name="company">Philips</attribute>
        <attribute name="brand">Philips</attribute>
        <attribute name="product">AC</attribute>
        <attribute name="segment">Retail</attribute>
        <attribute name="model">689hhj</attribute>
        <attribute name="serviceCharge">4000</attribute>
        <attribute name="serialNo">456546/attribute>
        <attribute name="warrantyType">AMC</attribute>        
        <attribute name="warrantyProof">NA</attribute>
        <attribute name="purchaseDate">MM/dd/yyyy</attribute>
        <attribute name="complaintOrServiceInfo">Not working</attribute>
        <attribute name="customerRemarks">Service required</attribute>
        <attribute name="callType">Telephone</attribute>

Sample XML for create/update of ticket

That is the format the API expects to receive from you. So you need to send requests like that to the API in order to get things done.

Next time, reply to thread you already started instead of starting a new one in a different forum. I assume you're still using PHP, and not ASP.

Yes Sir But I want To Know that how i Can Send Data in This Format

Sorry But I am New to SOAP APIs

but i Know that In rest Api IN URL I can Setd Data But
in soap Api In This Format i Have 0 Knowladge Please Help Me

Yes Sir

But I Want It In Classic ASP

Perhaps this link can help.

I will Check With this Link

If Require I will Get back thanks a lot for spending a valuable time for me
thank u

Yes Thank U I got the solutation thanks for the support

now can u say me how to call the above xml file to send data to clint db
if i copy past the attribute to url it is sucessfully inserting data but i want to do it auto using php and asp my form is ready and i just want to know that how to program action when form is submited please let me know

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